(Matthew John Bahr)
October 13, 1971 - February 21, 2002


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This site is a celebration of the life of my brother Matt. It is a work in progress and is always changing so check back often. 

On this site you will find photos, videos, audio clips, poems and more. There is also a guest book where you can share your experiences, stories, poems, or whatever you want.

Please bear with me as I continue to expand this site. Anyone that knew Matt knows that he was a camera magnet and loved getting his picture taken so there are lots of photos to scan and catalog. One thing you'll notice is that Matt is smiling in just about every one.
If you have a photo, video or other content for this site, please contact me at

Matt lived his life to the fullest and ALWAYS had a good time, and he tried to make sure everyone around him was having a good time as well.  

Everyone who met Matt liked him and I think once you browse though this site, you'll find out why.

Dear Matt,
You will be greatly missed, but you live forever in our hearts, on our skin, and in the memories of all the lives you have touched.

Rock On Dude - Love Ya Bro,

"Without you feels, like the end of the world"